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Armenian side refuses to attend PACE’s sub-committee meeting on Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenian side refuses to attend PACE’s sub-committee meeting on Nagorno-Karabakh

Within the summer session, PACE Sub-committee has held today a meeting on Nagorno-Karabakh, APA’s Strasbourg correspondent reports. However, the Armenian side refused to participate in that meeting. The head of the Azerbaijani delegation Samad Seyidov, who participated in the meeting of the sub-committee, said to the journalists.

“Today at the Council of Europe we witnessed very important event. The sub-committee on Nagorno-Karabakh held its meeting. As you know, in January of the current year PACE bureau unanimously passed a resolution on restoration of Sub-Committee’s work related to Nagorno-Karabakh. It determined its composition. Armenian delegation didn’t avoid the positions to impede sub-committee’s activity, and they refused to attend committee’s sessions. At meetings of committees and bureaus as well as at the Assembly they repeatedly declared irrelevance of the subcommittee, and impeded the start of the Subcommittee work on Nagorno-Karabakh. Despite this, as I noted in my speech made at PACE, this issue concerns not only Azerbaijan. Subcommittee and its work are based on the resolution of CE, adopted in 2005. If the Sub-Committee resumes its activity, it means that PACE’s Bureau respects its own decisions. Today PACE Sub-Committee has began its work with participation of the Azerbaijani delegation, representatives of different parties, the rapporteurs on Armenia as well as the representatives of the Secretariat of the Sub-Committee. The Armenian side did not participate in that meeting. But we have repeatedly stated that Armenians’ such decisions should not preclude the beginning of subcommittee’s work. The Committee must take into account that Armenia does not respect the decision of the Council of Europe, and refuses to participate in its work. This once again displays who keeps a constructive position and who doesn’t. PACE proved to itself again that in the negotiation process on Nagorno-Karabakh the Azerbaijani side acted, acts and will act constructively and clear within international law and in accordance with European values. The Armenian side, under various pretexts, is not going to act in accordance with the international law. In the negotiation process this once again proves parties’ position to us and the international community,” – Seidov said.


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