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Azerbaijan clarifies fates of another 25 people registered as missing

 As a result of search operations carried out by the Working Group of the Azerbaijani State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons in 2013, the fates of another 25 people out of those who were originally registered by the commission as missing have been clarified.

The 25 people have now been excluded from the list of missing people. One of them is said to have survived from battles and sieges, 5 killed in battles, and 19, whose bodies were identified and buried, re-listed.


As of November 1, 2014, the number of people taken captive, hostage, or lost has been 4,016 — 3,256 servicemen and 758 civilians. And it’s unknown whether the remaining two are civilians or servicemen.


Among the civilians having gone missing, 59 are underage children (17 girls), 254 women, and 351 elderly people (154 women).


Among 4,016 people taken captive or gone missing, 877 were reported to have been taken either captive or hostage.


During the conflict, 1,419 people were saved from captivity or hostage (347 female, 1,072 male, including 207 children, 287 elderly people).


During the analysis of materials received by the state commission, 554 people (104 women, 449 men) were found out to have either been killed in captivity or hostage or died of various reasons. From among them, 137 people’s only names are known, while 75 have not yet been identified.

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